Do you work on an environmental history or humanities project?

As the Associate Editor of the Living Landscape Observer blog and as a Phd Candidate in US History, I am constantly looking for ways to link together the worlds of environmental policy and environmental history / humanities. I attend conferences in both arenas and only occasionally find any overlap between the two communities. One way I am seeking to address this division is through highlighting the work of historians and other scholars in the Living Landscape Observer monthly e-newsletter, which is read by a large number of professionals working for various state and federal land management agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations. Our audience is very interested in academic scholarship on the environment, especially from the humanities, but often has difficulty accessing or even knowing about work published in academic journals or as monographs. 

Do you have work you would like to share via a short piece? Would you like to be interviewed about your research? If so, please let me know so we can work together to help build bridges between those making policy and / working in the field and those active in the academy on similar issues.