Somewhere in Philly: a throught of an italian student in Philadephia

a city, color, people, smells, the sounds, different things. habits, ways of thinking that you get used slowly, one step at a time. When I first arrived the predominant feeling was that of being disoriented by the mere thought of being on the other side of the world. With each passing day this feeling is decreasing. This is thanks to the people who with a smile or with one word can make you feel at home, like Abruzzese Gran Caffè L’Aquila on the second day have been with us, and from that day we became fixed customers or the well-dressed, blonde lady named Patricia who we met today in Rittenhouse Square. Patricia loves Italians and has a italian friend, they were known for 15 years with which we often hear. She likes a lot Italian people because she loves Italians because they are good company, are very kind, gently and generous. She loves Italians because they have much taste in clothes and have a lot of style. She told us many things about her life and seemed thrilled to have met the Italian people at park. She told us that she never been in Rome but she visited other cities of Italy and he gladly left us his business card to meet again. in addition to this we have met many people who have loved the fact that we were Italian, as our landlord or some taxi driver or uber drivers. They are not all so obviously, the early days were not easy but luckily we found the people who support us and support us making us feel almost at home. I’m sure that in time we will be able to integrate well because Philadelphia is a multicultural city, a bit like Rome and it is easy for a foreigner feels at home.