Tired Teachers: What’s for Dinner?

Glitch Dishes by Mrs. Gilly circa 2022

The pandemic. Forgive me for writing more about the pandemic, but as a teacher I want to write down some of my reflections as they surface. For a while, I was having writer’s block and lovely migraines. Now, it seems l like my writer’s block is gone, What would be the opposite of writer’s block? Writer’s flow? Writer’s water spout?

Anyhow, what’s for dinner? The pandemic has not only changed the way I grocery shop, but also how I plan (or sometimes do not plan enough for dinner). I struggle with agoraphobia. I still do not go out much and very rarely will I even go to a sit down restaurant. 

Before the pandemic, I would love to go grocery shopping. I would spend a lot of time in the grocery store. Sometimes, I would have some social anxiety when I was totally stressed like in graduate school. I am super sensitive to energies. I have been called an empath. I am not really sure if I am an empath, but do know that I feel really drained sometimes if I go out in public. It is not fun! I went to see a counselor about it. She is the one that said that I am an empath too. Needless to say, she taught me to imagine a big bubble around me when I am out and about. This has helped. Also, when sensitivity overwhelmness kicks in, I will try to go shopping early in the mornings if I am not teaching at that time.

Back to grocery shopping and  the question of, What’s for dinner?

I used Instacart or PeaPod sometimes at the beginning of the pandemic, but that get’s pricey. Also, we ordered a lot on Prime and had it shipped. Lately, I have been ordering curbside pick up. That has helped. Today I just notice that one of my grocery stories has a recipe section on their app with lots of awesome recipes. Of course, they are linked to all the items that you can buy. How cool is that! Also, it is helping me to stay on budget. When I go to the store, I sometimes will buy lots of things that are really related to anyone recipe. I know it may sound cheesy, but as a teacher who is struggling with fatigue and agoraphobia, this is super helpful and I thought I would share my story for other tired teachers out there. 

So what’s for dinner? Tonight on the menu is pan seared lemon-thyme salmon with jasmine rice and a tasty salad.

Cheers to a good weekend!