• Italy and U.S.A.

    Italy and U.S.A.

    I came to Philadelphia almost 1 week ago. It was a long trip from Italy. I never been in USA untill now and i was happy to start a new experience here. When i arrived here i could see that it’s not like in Italy. Here there isn’t the same traffic like in Italy and […]

  • How others respond to me as a foreigner – An Italian perspective on America(ns)

    Before leaving Italy, I asked myself how American people act in real life as the average Italian person’s knowledge about Americans is quite ridiculous: all we know is from tv shows, films and music. When i first arrived to JFK airport in New York City, I was welcomed by the ex-President Barack Obama’s video, talking […]

  • Italy and U.S.

    Italy and U.S.

    I always dreamed to visit and live in the U.S. and finally, thanks to the grant i received, i ve accomplished my aspiration. I ve always got influenced by the american culture, especially watching american movies or TV series, and now i have the chance to test theese stereotypes and see what is true and […]

  • How Others Respond To Me As A Foreigner

    “May I fly back to Italy with you? All I need to carry with me is my dog, is that ok? Please!” Being Italian in the United States never generates banal reactions. The first sentence cited above has been said by an Uber driver during one of my first days in Philadelphia. She was very […]

  • How other respond to me as a foreigner

    As a foreigner from Italy, my first impressions on how Americans respond to me were in overall, positive. Considering that for somehow Italians has usually good reputation, maybe because our old history or our creativity. For taking an example, Uber drivers always asking my origin because my different accent, it comes out 1st because of […]

  • Do you work on an environmental history or humanities project?

    As the Associate Editor of the Living Landscape Observer blog and as a Phd Candidate in US History, I am constantly looking for ways to link together the worlds of environmental policy and environmental history / humanities. I attend conferences in both arenas and only occasionally find any overlap between the two communities. One way I am […]

  • “Data, Privacy, and Personhood: A (Re-)view of Meg Leta Jones’s Ctrl+Z: The Right to Be Forgotten”

    “Data, Privacy, and Personhood: A (Re-)view of Meg Leta Jones’s Ctrl+Z: The Right to Be Forgotten”

    In music scholarship, the idea of infinite repeatability is one of the characteristics that separates recorded performance from “live” performance. For consumers, this means that one can (almost) always return to a favorite recording and play it as many times as one finds edifying, whereas the concert hall, opera house, or most any other performance […]